ज़रूर पढ़े: Famous Markets Of Gorakhpur | गोरखपुर के प्रसिद्ध बाज़ार

The city of Gorakhpur is not only famous for its Gorakhnath Temple and its Railway station (which has its name registered in Guinness Book of World Record), but it is also a home to some popular market places which are listed below:

Golghar Market

The famous Golghar Market is referred as the heart of Gorakhpur city and is located just half a km from the railway station and bus station. This market is more popular because it have nice collection of all types of shops, like wedding accessory, suiting & shirting, cosmetics, handicrafts, jewellery, garments, apparels, electronics and electrical items.

Bakhsipur Market

The Bakhsipur Market is famous for all types of books shops such as engineering, medicals, sanskrit and for all the competitive books, magzine and papers. In this market you will find any old used books and can also sell them.

Urdu Bazar/Hindi Bazar Market

This famous market is located on the Reti road and it is famous for all things, related to ladies, gents and kids accessories.

Gita Press Market

This is a very popular market which is approx 6 kms from Gorakhpur railway station. It is very nice market for all purpose like suiting shirting, wedding suits, lehnga, dupatta, serwani, ladies suits, kids wear and many sarees shops. Here you will find a nice collection of Sarees like wedding sarees, designer sarees and handicrafted sarees.

Shahi Market

Shahi Market is approx 1 km from railway station and bus station. This market is very famous for its computer shops. It has over 100 shops for the computers and its accessories like printers, cartridges, UPS, mouse, Keyboard, etc. Here in this market you will also go for Cyber cafes for surfing the net.

Bhalotia Market

Bhalotia Market is famous for its medicine shops. It is a home to the medical traders, distributors and retailers and also for consumers.


Here is some famous malls that are situated in the main city of Gorakhpur like PVR Multiplex on the Park road. The Mall at Bank road, City Mall in the Golghar market and Garuda mall near the Reti road.

Baldev Plaza

Baldev Plaza houses all types of high-end shops ranging from wedding clothes, jewellery, home décor, computers, etc but it has a special significance when it comes to its mobile shops which are most famous.


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