Gorakhpur's Pride: Rajal Gupta – A journey from school dropout to a famous author

Rakesh Mishra – Noida: A school dropout boy, who had lost the complete faith in the country’s schooling and education system, went on to obtain not one or two but as many as nine degrees and certificates in diversified fields and also wrote a book ‘Rajal Niti’ which made him a household name in the city of Gorakhpur.
Hold on we are not talking about the plot of any inspirational Bollywood film but we are bringing to you a story of a 29-year-old wonder man ‘Rajal Gupta’, who had left the school in the year 2002 due to regular punishments, taunts and inappropriate behavior from teachers towards not only him but also to his parents.
And this time contrary to the popular perception that ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman,’ it was the unconditional love and support of Rajal’s grandfather which pushed the school dropout boy to reach this level.
His degrees includes B.Com, BCA, PGJMC (Journalism), LL.B from one of the reputed college of the city St Andrews College, Gorakhpur, MBA from prestigious Symbiosis Centre For Advanced Learing, Pune, among others.
In an exclusive chat with gorakhpur.finalreport.in, Rajal said his trauma in the school started way back in 1998 when he was failed to clear 6th standard in the school. He said that teachers asked him to stand on bench, which was meant for sitting, from first to last period. Refusing to name the school Rajal said some of the teachers of the school are quite good and they are still in touch with him.
Rajal, the writer of just launched book ‘Rajal Niti’, said his parents who were deeply disappointed due to his leaving the school, are now happy to see ‘his transformation from what he was and what he have achieved today’.
“My parents were not convinced with my decision to leave the school. There were of the view that it was the same school which has produced 100 and 1000’s of doctors and engineers. My mother used to say me that you are ‘our only son, our only hope,’ if you fail to achieve something big what will happen to us,” Rajal told Final Report.
He, however, said that it was his grandfather who came to his rescue at a time when he was failed to convince his parents even in three months.
“When I was a small kid I was neither good in studies nor in any sports. I lacked self confidence. My friends, teachers, relatives were of the view that I am a failed person and won’t be able to achieve something significant in my life. My physical appearance was also not very good , my spectacles were very big which covered major portion of my face. At that time my grandfather loved me unconditionally. He supported me immensely throughout the ups and downs. He always believed me by saying repeatedly that ‘hamara babu hai, hamara khoob naam karega,” Rajal said.
Sadly, Rajal’s grandfather is not in the world to see his achievements. He died in 2010. Rajal said that after the passing away of his grandfather his father supported him and shows the path.
Rajal further said that thinking of writing a book was inspired by a cruel and heart wrenching story which was the turning point in his life. He said his life was completely changed on March 26, 2009 when one of his closest friend committed suicide.
“I was in a shock, and it was the first time in my life that I cried intensely. That incident totally changed me. I started thinking to do something for the family members who have committed suicide. I collected data and compiled a 12 page report on the subject of increasing number of suicide among student,” Rajal added.
Rajal said later on few newspapers approached him to write articles for them and here his writing ability started to flourish. He said in the year 2012 he thought of writing a book which resulted in today’s Rajal Niti, which is a motivational book containing his real life experiences.
“In 2012, I thought of writing something which that should not be based upon preaching or lecture. I thought that ‘experience is the best teacher’. I thought of compiling something based on my real life experiences,” he added.
Rajal said that soon he will launched Rajal Niti in English version which will be available on platforms such as kindle free of cost.
“I am also planning to launch an audio version of this book in both the languages. I will also conduct seminars in school and colleges. In simple words I am trying to expand the message to maximum people,” Rajal concluded.


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